Diet Plan and Tips

Here are some great tips for helping you gain the results you need.

Please note I am not a nutritionist and any suggestions related to healthier eating is simply sharing of information. It is your responsibility to see your doctor if you have special health requirements or if you are in need of any nutritional or medical advice.


Fat burning foods:

Almonds and other nuts (with skins intact) : Build muscle, reduce cravings

Dairy products (fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese) : Build strong bones, fire up weight loss

Eggs : Build muscle, burn fat

Turkey and other lean meats : Build muscle, strengthen immune system

Berries : Improve satiety, prevent cravings

Enova oil (soy and canola oil) : Promotes fullness, not easily stored as fat

Peanut butter : Boosts testosterone (a good thing even in women), builds muscle, burns fat

Fatty fish (such as salmon, tuna, mackerel) : Trigger fullness, fire up fat burning

Grapefruit : Lowers insulin, regulates blood sugar and metabolism; be sure to eat the fleshy white membranes

Green tea : Fires up fat burning

Chili peppers : Spikes metabolism

Spinach and green vegetables : Fight free radicals and improve recovery for better muscle building

Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole grain cereal) : Small doses prevent body from storing fat

Beans and legumes : Build muscle, help burn fat, regulate digestion

Whey : Builds muscle, burns fat


hydrate yourself properly

It is important that you learn to take between 8 - 12 glasses of water everyday so that you stretch your consumption throughout the day. Water does a marvelous job of cleaning out fat cells from your body because fat cells are water soluble. You may be taking other liquids but pure clean water is a must fat burning food item. Water also makes you feel full. A lot of time when we crave sugar, or feel hungry, we are usually thirsty.And di you know by the time you feel thirsty it means you are already dehydrated.


No Bedtime Snacks

Our body's metabolism slows down at night while we are asleep. Therefore our bodies are less likely to burn off energy from eating carbohydrates at nighttime. This means that all of the unused energy will be turned into fat; Try not to eat any carbs for two to three hours before bedtime. A good snack at this time would be a protein shake because the body will not store it as fat.

Healthy eating plan

Most of us know what healthy eating means. High protein, low carbs, dark grainy breads, oatmeal, lots of fresh vegetable, fruits, smaller portions, eat breakfast, stop eating by 6:30 at night, drink lots of water. Although I don't believe in diets because diets are set up to STOP I am providing you with a healthy eating plan that you can use as a guideline. Weight loss from hypnosis is about making permanent deep changes at a subconscious level. Have a look at the plan provided and begin making the changes to your life not just so you can lose weight but so you can have more energy, prevent cancer, feel happier and look amazing. This is about taking back control over you, your life, your health and feeling incredible.

You deserve it. Hypnosis works.

Healthy eating plan

Check out this amazing eating plan .It's what I call power foods. You may not be ready to make so many adjustments so use it as a guideline and a measure of what you should be directing your eating patterns toward. I just love how healthy it is.


Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

· Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor

· Registered as a Clinical Counsellor with The Australian Counselling Assoc.

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